5th Anniversary memorial of the 2011 Japan Earthquake and Tsunami


  • The Consul-General of Japan makes opening speech on March 11th at 4pm.
  • On March 11th at 4.46pm, a minute’s silence will be observed live in unity with the people of Fukushima via large screen.
  • Former PM Ms Julia Gillard’s message to Tohoku will be projected.
  • Students from Tohoku University will make speeches and publicly recognise the work of the disaster rescue teams.
  • Two students from Fukushima University will make speeches who spoke at the UN Disaster Prevention Council.
  • Mr Takeshi Matsunaga, 4th generation traditional potter from Namie-city in Fukushima will make a speech.
  • There will be a live performance from acclaimed violinist Ms Ayako Ishikawa .
  • A photo exhibition of the affected areas will be displayed.
  • There will be many performances of traditional Japanese arts and music by Japanese performers.
    ( Japanese Drum, Samurai dance, Traditional dance, Koto, Shakuhachi, Imperial music, Calligraphy, Karate , Traditional music etc).
  • Japanese young people’s culture [Cosplay] contest.
  • The live concert by the proffesional singer who sings popular anime [Pokemon] ‘s theme song, the voice actress from Japan.
  • The booth where children play Japanese traditional toys.
  • Traditional craft items from the affected areas will be on sale.