Fukushima 4th Commemoration 2015

※The title of “Fukushima” includes Northeast area of Japan

We will go on today’s opening event from 4:00 at GOJYUAN


7th March at Corso Manly from 10am to 5pm
Markets (6 stalls by supporter groups) Stage JSC Sydney Soran Dance /
Origami Performance: Midori Furze / Lindou Japanese Drum / QP☆Honey! /
Makoto Tanaka / Public Speech / Kimono Parade / Sakura Chorus

※In case of bad weather, please check our web page for event notices
※All Programs are subject to change without notice

11th to 15th March at GOJYUAN

208 Darling Street, Balmain from 10am to 5pm
Exhibition of art, craft, photos and short film from Fukushima area

Opening Program 11th from 4:00pm to 8:00pm

Silent Prayer for Fukushima at 4:46pm / Origami Performance / Tea Ceremony /
Calligraphy Performance: Calligrapher Ren Yano / Japanese Court Music /
Classical Japanese Dancers / Candle Vigil / Sake Tasting / Special Guest fromFukushima: Takeshi Matsunaga / Japanese Painting: Reika Masuda

* All Programs are subject to change without notice

Organiser: Fukushima Commemoration Committee Sydney
Supporter: The Japan Foundation Sydney, JCS Rainbow Project, ArtLab, Ryokan GOJYUAN 
※Earnings from this event will provide support for people in the area


7th March Schedule of Performance

1、11:00 Rindo Japanese Drum
2、11:30 Sakura Chorus
3、12:00 Origami Performance
4、12:30 QP☆Honey!
5、13:00 Makoto Tanaka
5、13:30 Kimono Parade
6、14:00 JSC Sydney Soran Dance
7、14:30 QP☆Honey!
8、15:00 Speech
9、15:30 Matsu Jun Band

7th March, Manly at Corso, profile of performers

Wadaiko Rindo Sydney

A Japanese drum performing group based in Sydney formed in 2009. They have the head office in Melbourne led by the Master Toshi Sakamoto – the founder of Wadaiko Rindo Melbourne formed in 1996.
Wadaiko Rindo Sydney has been participating in various cultural festivals, such as Annual Japan Festival “Matsuri” at Darling Harbour, Cherry Blossom Festival in Auburn, Campbelltown Riverfest, and Penrith Cultural Festival. They also perform at weddings and corporate functions.

The performance of Wadaiko Rindo Sydney delivers deep strong sound of taiko drums and they wish to energize many more audiences.


Makoto Tanaka
folk singer

10967919_10152656456779562_1368044917_nHisae(QP) & Yuki (Honey)we are both kindergarten teachers with a musical background from Sydney. We perform Japanese and English songs depending on the purpose of an event/festival. QP Honey! was the winner of the Anime song contest at the Anime Festival “ Smash!” in 2013. We’ve performed “Taste of Japan” , “ Koi Festival” “ Kimono festival” “ Hinamatsuri for grown ups” “and “Matsuri in Sydney “ in 2013 and 2014. We love to introduce Japanese costumes and culture through our performance.Enjoy our harmonized singing voices!

Sakura Chorus

JSC Sydney Soran Dance

Midori Furze
artist Midori


11th March Schedule of Opening Event

16:00~16:30 Origami Performance: Midori Furze
16:46 Silent Prayer for Fukushima
17:00~17:30 Special Guest speech fromFukushima: Takeshi Matsunaga
17:30~18:00 Japanese Court Music: Mr.Sano
18:00~18:30 Sake Tasting: JUN PACIFIC , TOKYO MART
18:30~19:00 Classical Japanese Dancers: Junko Hirabayashi
19:00~19:30 Calligraphy Performance: Calligrapher Ren Yano
19:30~20:00 Candle Vigil

11th March, Balmain at GOJYUAN, profile of performers

Junko Hirabayashi
Japanese traditional dancer
Born in Saitama, Japan. Junko started learning Japanese traditional dance, Nihon-Buyo, in Tokyo. After Junko emigrated to Australia in 2011, she regularly performed for charity and community events and private functions in New South Wales.


Calligrapher Ren
Ren is an artist who specialises on ‘Shodo’, Japanese traditional calligraphy. After holding exhibitions in Tokyo and Osaka, he moved his centre of activity to Sydney in 1996. In 2003 he gained Australian permanent residence as an artist, and until now this has been the only case a Japanese citizen has achieved Australian permanent residence in the plane visual arts division.

Now his work can be seen all over NSW through his exhibitions. In addition, he has held various performances and workshops at many occasions including the NSW Art Gallery, the Japanese Embassy’s Candle Festival and the Cowra Japanese Gardens.

He has also taken the role of Kanji(Japanese characters) Demonstration in the SBS Japanese learning show ‘Nihongo Daisuki’ and other Chinese learning shows.

In recent years he has also impressed overseas audiences with many activities including his exhibition in Dubai and performance at the Japan Day in New Zealand, to which he was invited by the Auckland Consulate of Japan.

In 2010 his work ‘Furusato’ (En: place of origin) was approved by the Japanese Foreign Ministry as a national property of Japan, meaning his artistic talent is now recognised by two nations(Australia and Japan). This work is now housed at the Japanese Embassy in Canberra.

Ren participated in production of hollywood movie “The Wolverine”(2013) as a calligrapher.


Shigeki Sano